Miloš Obilić – the First Hunter of Jastrebac

The Hunting Association was founded in 1896. According to the folk tradition, which was passed down 30 years ago by a hundred year old minstrel, whose nickname was Milan Kekonja, from the village of Kobilje.  It was believed that Miloš Obilić was born in Kobilje and that before leaving for Kruševac, he had lived in a castle and had his own hunting ground in the village of Lovci.

According to the tradition, Miloš Obilić, and a large group of hunters, with falcons, greyhounds and zagari, hunted “for three whole days” all over Jastrepac, by “the green lake in the mountain”. The lake was located near today’s Lomnica village, at the site of the spring of mineral water. Judging by the excavations and weapons found, it can be said that the hunting of the Serbian nobility in this region was fully developed and hunts were organized all over Jastrepac, especially where today’s villages of Lovci, Sokolovica and Lomnica are situated.

Lomnica 15. 09. 1946.

In honor of Milos Obilić, the hunters of Krusevac named it the Obilic Association. The Federal Association of Krusevac was founded in 1896. It consisted of 65 members. Several hunts were organized in 1898 and 1899 in Jastrebac, where a few wolves were hunted down, with the good organization of the then representative Milos V. Milosevic. The number of hunters was constantly increasing and at the end of 1900 there were 105 hunters in the Association. After World War I, the Association was renewed, and in 1929 it had 98 members. In 1939, the management was elected by the Assembly of the Association at the coffee shop called “The Crown”, which was a favorite meeting place among the hunters.

Lomnica 15. 09. 1946.

1989. godine udruživanjem Lovačkih organizacija odnosno Lovačkih društava “Obilić“ iz Kruševca, “Šumadija“ iz Jasike, “Velikog Jastrepca“ iz Velikog Šiljegovca i “Jastrepca“ iz Velikih Kupaca formirano je Lovačko udruženje “Kruševac”.

Sadašnje Lovište “Rasina” prostire se na 70.052 hektara, lovno produktivna 52.464 hektara. Gajene vrste divljači u lovištu su zec, fazan, jarebica, srna i divlja svinja. Članovi udruženja su raspoređeni u 39 sekcija.

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