Adventure Park

In all its colourful beauty the most naturally fitted Adventure Park spreads out in this part of the Balkans, within Jastrebac Lake Resort, according to the constructors themselves.

The park consists of four entireties: Children’s Adventure Park, Zip Line (double) across the lake, rocks for the training of mountaineers and alpinists with the necessary attestations certifying that it can be the place for international competitions in free climbing, as well as the Great Adventure Track on two levels, which is demanding even for the passionate “adventurers”.

You can spend a day with your family and friends in an exciting, amusing and interesting way in Adventure Park. The park allows for individual and group visits, as well as contests and team building programs that increase the sense of belonging to the team.

Adventure Park is a playng ground where visitors of all ages can have fun and recreation. Challenges in Adventure Park are obstacles on the trees, made of various platforms, hanging bridges, handrails, beams … While crossing the obstacles, visitors are provided with professional equipment, which is similar to the alpine equipment, but it is attested and adapted to this type of entertainment. The existing obstacles fall into the category of medium heavy.

Within the park there is a richly equipped souvenir shop.


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