Rates for hotels “Trayal” i “Idila”, for 2021.
Tip smeštaja/UslugaBroj odraslih osobaCena
Single room13.200 RSD
Double room24.600 RSD
Double room with extra bed at the guest's request2+16.000 RSD
Suite27.200 RSD
  • Prices are expressed with included VAT and with breakfast included in the price of accommodation
  • The price does not include the residence tax of RSD 100.00 per day
  • For lunch and dinner there is a 20% discount of your choice or in agreement with the restaurant manager/reception desk
  • Children under 7 years of age have free accommodation and do not pay the residence tax, it is only necessary for you to present a valid health card
  • Children aged 7-17 pay half of the residence tax
  • Payments can be made either in cash or by card
  • For the guaranteed reservation, a guest is obligated to make an advance payment in agreement with the reception service
  • Cancellation of the reservation: According to the business regulations of the hotel, a guest must cancel their reservation no late than 72 hours prior to arrival
  • The price list is calculated at the official exchange rate. In the event of any change in the exchange rate on the monetary market, the hotel reserves the right to correct the price
  • The agency fee is 7%